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Junior Board


2024 Junior Board 

Virginia Grisham     Pat Abele   Callie Blitz    Christen Bond    Carson Ann Crow    Frances Richardson   Mallie Rickard    Julia Giardina    AC Gillepsy    Everett Smith    Casey Hall    Mike Harris    Lizzie Bonhaus    Austin Clifton    Meredith Gordon    Ben Webster    Jackson Harbarger   London Huie   Laura Owens   Mary Nelson Little    Reece McGlawn    Evelyn Tipton    Ali Money    Virginia Nelson    Laura Owens    Whitman Wesley   Landon Stubblefield  

The Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce Junior Board was created in 2019 with a mission of cultivating a new generation of community leaders, while providing perspective from young professionals living or working in the City of Mountain Brook. Since that time, the group has grown to include nearly 40 members who are committed to supporting local businesses, the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce, and to furthering community causes. The Junior Board hosts their annual Thursday Night Live event in the fall and has successfully raised funds for the Mountain Brook Merchant Relief Fund and Friends of Jemison Park.

For more information on joining the Mountain Brook Chamber Junior Board, contact the Chamber.

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